Upgrading My Computer For Guild Wars 2

I recently participated in the Guild Wars 2 beta and was disappointed to find out that not only did I have to run the game on the absolute minimum settings possible, but in group PvP I definitely lagged a bit. The World vs World PvP features a ton of players (think Alterac Valley but no player limit, 3 servers in the running, and a map about 15 times as big).

As a result, I began on a quest to either get a new computer or upgrade my current one. This is when I came across a handy guide at http://www.gw2guide.net/best-computer-for-guild-wars-2-getting-a-deal-on-a-new-pc/ which is all about getting a new PC or upgrading your current one for GW2.

Unfortunately, I do not know too much about computers and when I bought my current one I actually got a “slim” desktop. This slim desktop has a case that is too small to fit in larger, more powerful video cards apparently. Since it is a slim case it only holds a power supply of 350w as well, which is another bummer. Not only does my case not fit big cards but even if it did I would not have enough power in my computer to power a bigger card.

Fortunately, there are some cheap pre-assembled PCs that are discussed on that website that are much better than my computer. I wish I would have had a guide like that originally as I spent about 1200$ on my current PC and even though it is 2.5 years old, it definitely is a lot slower than it should be for that price point. The computer recommended in the article is only 600$ and it completely blows away my current set up. I am sort of embarassed that I spent this much money on my Dell computer.

I used to think Dells were good computers if you did not know how to build your own computer but now they have just gotten way too expensive. There are other companies out there like iBuyPower which sell pre-assembled computers for about the same price that you could put it together yourself, which gives you not only a much better but a much cheaper computer than you could ever order at Dell or another major company!