Ultimate WoW Guide Review

If you play World of Warcraft, you know that there is a lot to the game. There are so many quests in the game you can’t keep track of them, at least that is until now. According to this Ultimate WoW Guide Review, Warcraft players are now able to use Dugi’s Guide to level up quickly and easily.

This software actually guides you through all the quests in the game, so you don’t have to worry about actually figuring out the quest. You just have to follow the instructions it gives you and you will be at the max level in no-time. Some people even hit the level cap in under 5 days by following this amazing guide.

In fact, I won’t even play World of Warcraft now without Dugi’s Ultimate WoW Guide – it just isn’t fun without it. You may be thinking that there is no point in a guide like this if you are already at the max level, but the leveling guide is only a small piece of the powerful software that powers the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide.

This software has been programmed with every single quest in the game, and knows which quests that you have already completed. You can put it on Loremaster mode and it will automatically detect which quests you need to complete in the game still and put together a quick questing path to complete them all. This way, you can get the hard to earn Loremaster achievement just by working on all the quests in the game.

This can take months of playtime if you try to do it on your own, but if you follow what is outlined in Dugi’s guide, it can be done in a matter of days! Completing an entire zone only takes an hour or so when you follow this amazing World of Warcraft guide.

Should you need money, this guide has you covered as well. You can put it on dailies mode at which point it will take you through 25 dailies in just over an hour’s time. Completing all these daily quests can earn you a few hundred gold; if you do this every day for 2 weeks you can get the most expensive mounts in the game.

Really, with Dugi’s guide no achievement is out of reach and you can earn enough gold to do anything you want in the game. It is truly the Ultimate WoW guide!