The Perfect SWTOR Guide

Out of all the new MMORPGs that will be released in the next few years, most players out there (myself included) are holding their breath for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. With nearly 2 million people having already signed up for the beta test, this is certainly one of the most anticipated MMORPGs in history, perhaps only second to World of Warcraft.

The developers are counting on handling at least 500,000 steady subscriptions, with more around release and hopefully growing from there. No other MMORPG in the market today has that many subscribers which pay a monthly fee aside from World of Warcraft. Final Fantasy XI and EVE online come close, but still fall just short of that $15/month requirement.

There are other popular games out there like Lineage, but these games do not have the high fees that Electronic Arts hopes to get out of SWTOR. As a result, they don’t really count as they are not the types of games which can bring in the type of revenue EA is looking to make with Star Wars The Old Republic.

With all of that said, players know a lot is riding on this game. As a result, you will want to have a Star Wars The Old Republic guide like the one at KotorMMO handy for when the game finally does come out. The game is massive, so a good guide has to be truly comprehensive and take care of the game from all angles.

For example, there are 8 different classes you can play, and each class has one of two advanced classes it can progress to. This means that there are actually 16 different classes you can play. Within each class, there are two specific talent trees, and 6 of the 8 classes have two different options by using either tier (i.e. one talent tree is for healing and one is for damage-dealing).

This means that there are actually 26 different “classes” you can play in the game; 13 per faction. With so many classes to work with and play against, you really need to play them all in order to get a good feel for how each class works. This can take too long. As a result, it is much faster if you can just grab a good SWTOR guide which will have all of the information and strategies you need on each class so you know exactly how to work with each class when in a group and how to compete against other players in PvP!