My Favorite Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

If you play Starcraft 2 like I do, no doubt you know how important a guide can be. Fortunately, I have found this excellent Starcraft 2 strategy guide at which has pretty much all the information you need all in one spot. Whether you are looking for new builds or techniques, it has everything.

There is even a section with specific map strategies which outlines how the terrain and layout of each map will effect each and every build. These builds are very effective if you use them against your opponents; I know from experience!

The first place to start out on the site is by checking out the beginner’s guide on the homepage. It goes over key game concepts like economy and APM, and what you can do to maximize these. This way, you know exactly how to play the game. Once you figure out the underlying mechanics of Starcraft 2, figuring out how the strategies work is easy.

Once you know the basics, head over to one of the strategy sections, where you will be treated to the specifics of how each race works and what your goals and overall motives are when playing the game. You need to come up with a strategy first, and then figure out exactly how you can use the units and resources in play in order to execute that strategy.

You do not want to just blindly copy build orders with no underlying understanding of the game. It makes no sense as this does not foster creativity or reactivity. If your build doesn’t go as planned, you need to be able to change it in order to meet the dynamic nature of a match of Starcraft 2.

You can and will have success if you take the time to learn these Starcraft 2 strategies and learn the underlying theory behind each race.