My Top 4 Heartburn Remedies

Heartburn RemediesIn this article below, I will be revealing my top 4 heartburn remedies. These are things I have used time and time again and I have found that they really work!

A little backstory: I recently came down with a really bad case of the flu, complete with vomiting and just about every digestive problem you can imagine. Ever since then, I have had to deal with heartburn all the time. I have become a bit of a guru on heartburn remedies since then as otherwise I would be in pain all the time!

Top Heartburn Remedy: Gum

I would say according to heartburn no more, my favorite remedy is chewing gum. It is just so easy to do and you can do it anywhere, which is great for me as I am always on the go. After all, some of the other remedies can require a time commitment, or just aren’t easy for travel. Popping a stick of gum in after a meal is so easy and so effective. Nowadays every time I eat I make sure chew on some gum, and since doing this I have virtually no heartburn. I do have to be careful though as I do not want to injure my jaw from all the chewing!

#2: Walking

Whenever I have the chance (usually after dinner or lunch) I try to take a walk. This combats heartburn on multiple levels. First off, walking helps increase digestive motility, which is just a fancy way of saying it increases the rate at which the stomach and intestines move food along. This is great because food hanging out for too long in the stomach is one of the main reasons people get heartburn.

It also is a great way to lose some extra weight, and being overweight is a strong risk factor for getting heartburn.

#3 – New Toothpaste

Without fail, I had the uncanny ability to get heartburn right before going to bed. I knew laying down made heartburn often get worse, but this often started while I was still sitting up for no apparent reason. I finally figured it out: I was getting heartburn within 5-10 minutes of brushing my teeth!

It turns out that certain ingredients in toothpaste can act as a trigger for heartburn. I switched to one of those granola “natural” toothpastes, and while they feel a little gritty when you are brushing with them, it has certainly reduced my heartburn.

#4 – Mustard

I found out that mustard contains vinegar, and that vinegar is a great home heartburn remedy. Apparently vinegar stimulates the production of saliva, and saliva is great for combating heartburn. What I like to do is cook with mustard; I use it in many meat sauces and marinades and it works great. When I combine this with chewing gum and going for a walk, I can have a really tasty dinner without reeling in pain all night.

Try some of these heartburn remedies out, you won’t be disappointed!