Elder Scrolls Online Crafting Leveling Strategy Guide: Tips for Fast Levels

Leveling up crafting in Elder Scrolls Online can feel very time-consuming. As a result, I have decided to share some of my favorite tactics for leveling up professions that have enabled me to create a lot of great weaponry, armor, and enchantments for my characters.

Strategy #1. Read Lorebooks

I first read about this strategy on www.esoguide.org and I was very happy that I did. It turns out that when you read books in the game (typically found on bookshelfs of various sorts), you will earn experience points with skill trees that are related to these skill lines. I have many crafting skills up to level 5 alone just from reading books without ever doing a single craft. While I have not crafted heavily just yet, I can say that I have certainly earned at least as many experience points from reading books as I have from crafting itself.

Strategy #2. Get a Hireling Early

As soon as you get a few crafting levels, you can use a Skill Point to unlock a hireling that will deliver you materials via mail. Hirelings have a good chance of sending you the tempers you need to upgrade your items, so they are worth it.

Strategy #3. Look for Starter Materials in the Initial Zones

The first two zones in the game tend to have far more crafting materials then your third, much large zone. I believe this is because by the time players hit level 8 or so and head to the first large zone in the game, they have explored crafting a bit and as a result there is a lot of competition for nodes. I found that when I looked in the low level areas, there was a ton of materials at every turn – I think players just did not realize they needed to look for these at this point.

Strategy #4. Deconstruct Everything

You will find a lot of useless weapons and armor pieces on your enemies as you level up. You can use the deconstruct feature to break them down into raw materials. You can then craft with the raw materials to earn experience points.

Strategy #5. Get Zygor Guides

Crafting requires a lot of skill points. Questing is one of the best ways to level up your crafts, and Zygor Guides is the best way to complete quests. It shows you how to rapidly run through all of the games quests, leveling your character up quickly all while unlocking tons of skill points. You can get it here: