Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Tips

The Demon Hunter is one of the easiest classes to play with and level up in Diablo 3. It might feel a little weak during its first few levels, but this class quickly overcomes any initial weakness and rapidly establishes itself as a powerhouse class that can practically solo anything in Diablo 3.

No other class can kite like the Demon Hunter in D3. That is what makes this class good. If you read a Diablo 3 Demon Hunter leveling guide, you will find that most of them contain strategies that involve kiting through the use of Caltrops and Evasive Fire. How this works is you can use Caltrops to slow down enemies as they run towards you and then use Evasive Fire when they finally get close to you to get away again. You can keep repeating this process for basically forever until you kill the enemy.

However, it takes you a few levels in order to get access to all these great skills which will let you level up fast. If you just try to run out there at level 1 and start taking on the tough enemies you will think that regular mode is hard for the Demon Hunter.

This becomes the exact opposite case at later levels. By the middle of Nightmare mode, enemies start doing so much damage that you can barely handle taking a hit from them without dying. This means classes which rely on not taking any damage at all (Demon Hunters) end up really dominating these later game difficulty levels. The class which really dominates in normal and nightmare modes (Barbarian) really suffers at later levels because it cannot even take a single hit from the enemy without dying.

This makes it much more viable to play as a Demon Hunter than it does as a Barbarian in Inferno mode. You would never know this just by testing out the classes during the first few levels as the Demon Hunter feels pretty weak early in the game since it has no way to get away from enemies. However once you level up you will no longer have any trouble with this.

Once you equip your escapes, you can use pretty much whatever attacks you like and still do just fine. This is because the Demon Hunter never takes damage when played correctly so your offense is personal preference. I do recommend using Puncturing Arrow though as your primary skill.