CoD Ghosts Strategy Guide: 4 Tips for Dominating the Competition

In this quick CoD: Ghosts guide, you will discover the top 4 tips that you can use to make a huge difference in your game. By implementing these strategies, you will be able to significantly increase your kill to death ratio with little time invested.

Tip #1. Pick Killstreak Rewards That Match Your Ability

One of the biggest mistakes new players make in Call of Duty: Ghosts is selecting killstreak rewards that are beyond their current skill level. While the Helo Pilot killstreak reward might be awesome, there is no point in choosing this reward if you are not skilled enough to ever reach 12 kills in a row.

If your kill:death ratio is under 1.2 (this is the bulk of the player base), you should select primarily 3 to 5 killstreak rewards. It is not too difficult to get 3 kills in a row. The SAT this provides can easily add to another kill or two, which can snowball into a Care Package, which can snowball into more kills.

Not only will picking low level killstreak rewards increase your kill to death ratio, but the extra kills will also lead to more experience points. These experience points will allow you to level up faster, unlocking more weapons, perks, and killstreak rewards for you to choose from as your skill improves with practice.

Tip #2: Pick Killstreak Rewards and Perks that Complement Your Weapon

This CoD: Ghosts tip expands upon point #1 and is the most important aspect of this Call of Duty: Ghosts guide, so pay attention. Make sure your weapon choice, perk choice, and killstreak reward make sense.

Let’s first consider killstreak rewards and how they complement weapon choice. When using a short-ranged weapon like a Shotgun or a submachine gun, you have limited range.

With limited range, this means you are going to be engaged in close-quarters combat. It is hard to stay alive for a long period of time when in close-quarters combat. As a result, even highly skilled players should not pick high killstreak rewards because it is very difficult to get to 7+ kills in a row with a submachine gun and especially with a shotgun.

This is not to say that shotguns or SMGs are bad weapons. You can easily rack up 5-6 kills for each death with these weapons if you are highly skilled; an impressive K:D ratio. It is just difficult to rack up 15 kills in a row with these weapons.

For the next part of this Call of Duty Ghosts strategy guide, let’s consider perks. Perks need to match your weapon choice as well. Radar jamming perks are ideal for close-quarter combat classes like the Shotgun or SMG. You have to get close in order to get a kill, so you want to make sure the opponent cannot easily see you on their radar.

On the other hand, with a Sniper, radar jamming perks are actually not very useful (at least on console versions of the game): if you are doing it right, you are never close enough to your opponent for them to see you on radar anyway. Most opponents will know where you are after you watch their kill cam. The real way to stay hidden as a Sniper is to move regularly rather than to rely on perks.

Tip #3: Learn the Maps Out of Game

Knowing the ins and outs of every map in Call of Duty: Ghosts is essential if you want to be good at multiplayer. If you do not know the all the entrances and exits to your current location on the map, you are opening yourself up to a surprise attack and limiting your options to escape from or pursue fleeing enemy players.

The problem most players have is that it is difficult to quickly learn the layout and intricacies of each map without a massive amount of practice. Speed up the process by taking the time to look at the overview of the map layout to learn all the paths available to you before going in the game. With this bit of background knowledge, mastering the map in-game is much easier.

Speed up your learning process by mentally dividing the map into thirds. Each time you play a particular map, limit yourself to one of the thirds. When you feel comfortable with the layout of that part of the map, move on to the next third. Breaking up the map into pieces makes learning it easier and faster.

Tip #4: Take Your Game to the Next Level with a CoD Ghosts Guide

While the first three tips are a good start, picking up a full CoD: Ghosts guide may be just what you need. Our recommended guide is Krushable. This guide covers all of these tips in much greater detail, including laying out the ultimate weapon, killstreak, and reward combos along with providing pictures and strategies will help you learn every map. You can get Krushable by clicking here.