A Complete Diablo 3 Guide

Being a video game junkie, I have been waiting for years for the release of Diablo 3. Diablo 2 was definitely my favorite game of all-time, so I’m chomping at the bit in order to get my hands on Diablo 3.

In order to prepare for this monumental release, I’ve got my hands on the hottest Diablo 3 guide. It contains the strategies I need in order to dominate the game when it finally does come out. I have found that it contains pretty much everything about all 5 classes, including the Witch Doctor, Barbarian, Wizard, Demon Hunter, and Monk.

I think that the Monk is one of the most interesting new classes. I guess it is sort of like the Druid was in Diablo 2, except that it is all about melee combat. I would say it is the only class which strikes me as completely different than any other class we have ever seen in the Diablo series.

We know right away that the Barbarian is just like the Barbarian and the Wizard is just like the Sorcerer. If you didn’t know, the Demon Hunter is a complete hybrid of the Assassin and the Amazon from Diablo 2. It has the bow attacks of the Amazon and the traps and gadgetry that the Assassin possessed.

Meanwhile, while technically a different class, the Witch Doctor is a lot like the Necromancer. Both summon things to aid them in combat and rely heavily on poison attacks and minions in order to damage their enemies.

The only truly unique class is the Monk. It uses hand and staff attacks in order to deal damage. While it focuses on melee damage, it has a lot of variety in its attacks and can even reflect spells. I am really looking forward to checking out a good guide on the Diablo 3 Monk as it is the class I am most excited to play.